Salt water in the air, the cry of a gull, and the relentless roll of the waves beckon you back to the sea. The ocean is one of the last frontiers to discover and explore; a vast aquatic laboratory to learn from and protect.
In Endeavor: Deep Sea, you head an independent research institute with the goal of developing sustainable projects and preserving the fragile balance of marine life. Throughout the game, you’ll recruit field experts and use their abilities to explore new locations, research dive sites, publish critical ecological papers, and launch conservation efforts.
Expand your expertise, develop your team, and learn as much as possible about the sea. The action your institute takes now, could mean a healthy ocean and a sustainable future for the planet.
I got the opportunity to work on a board game called Endeavor: Deep Sea by Age of Gaming. It is set to launch on Gamefound on April 25th
The entire game is set underwater, so I got to paint a lot of underwater scenes, animals and submersible vehicles that I had never painted before. It was a fun challenge and it helped me grow a lot artistically.
Developed by Age of Gaming,
Designed by Jarratt Gray and Carl de Visse,
Published by Grand Gamers Guil and Burnt Island Games.
All the artwork posted here was created by me under the supervision of Art Director Joshua Cappel.
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